IE | Case Study | Hurley and Nike SB - Australian Open of Surfing
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Hurley & Nike SB
Australian Open of Surfing In-store

Hurley and Nike SB are taking their focus on product innovation and creating unique brand experiences to reinvigorate the store experience in Australia. Focusing on the sporting areas of skateboarding and surfing, Hurley have been working closely with Nike Skateboarding (Nike SB) to create shopping experiences to surprise and delight their loyal customers.




The Australian Open of Surfing (AOS) is an annual event, held on Manly Beach in Sydney, which brings together the top-athletes from action-sports around the world. A pop-up store was built for the event in 2014, with many of the 200,000 visitors accessing the store throughout the weeklong competition. To enhance the space, Hurley and Nike SB worked with IE Agency to create interactive touch screens and video wall experiences that linked brand stories told through hero athletes to highly engaging and educative product information.



Having designed and developed a variety of digital campaigns, in-store interactive retail experiencesand event activations for Nike SB, IE Agency was engaged to implement a retail and brand activation experience at the Australian Open of Surfing event. Both Nike SB and Hurley products were to feature and be purchasable in the space. The key objectives for the Hurley digital installation were to:
  • Increase customer engagement with products
  • Create a one-to-many digital interaction: one person controlling an experience for a room full of shoppers
  • Tell Hurley’s product innovation story in a technology innovative way
  • Inform customers on the benefits of their products and their smart phone app

Objectives for the Nike SB installation included:

  • Brand activation and engagement with new video content
  • Design for visual merchandising in the space, that is consistent with the video representation
  • Inform customers on the benefits of their products and their smart phone app

The Journey

Hurley, Nike SB and IE worked closely together whilst bringing the brand vision to life. To implement the technology seamlessly in to the space and provide a user-friendly experience, IE used various hardware and software solutions.
The Hurley Innovation Showcase

IE Agency and Hurley focused on promoting the key products and the Hurley mobile app in the retail space. IE wanted to produce a space that created a sense of theatre through ambient and consumer controlled content, as it would be a shopping experience never seen before within this category. The space included a multi-screen video wall, individual video screens, audio and a central touch control panel. All content was edited, and curated to suit the event, by IE.

The central touch interface allowed consumers to explore and control the space themselves. This was through the selection of products & hero athletes, campaign content and product detail information on the central product table, and the 12 foot wide 4 x 4 multi-screen video wall. Using swipe and touch controls, the consumer selected the athlete or product of their choice triggering the audio and video wall to be taken over, immersing the customers in an all-encompassing expression of Hurley’s innovation.

The Nike SB Campaign Content

IE created a Nike SB App and Product Activation station. The App display featured an instructional video demonstrating the iOS app features, functions and a how-to guide, with the video content itself produced in-house by IE. (video of the content)

The Lunar One Shot product activation section created the effect of a moving skateboarder with the use of video content projected over three screens. Three is a common theme with Nike skateboarding, as there are always three product benefits for each item. The wall displayed a single looping video, cut to run in a staggered manner across three video screens. This decision was made to create a greater point of intrigue and dwell time than if the video had of simply played looping on a single video screen.
Installation and Testing

The IE in-store retail team were on site for the installation and configuration of the pop-up store bump-in. Tasks included:

  • Content management: check video displays to ensure all products and videos are pulled in correctly and displayed at the right ratio
  • Configuration: Ensured the video content rendered on multi-screen displays

“This connection between content, athlete and product really helps us to engage with our consumers. We want to elevate the consumer journey”

Anna Cannella, Marketing Manager at Hurley


The solution was the pinnacle of the retail experience at the event.

Successes were:

  • Nike SB & Hurley exceeding the pop-up store KPIs
  • High engagement with product as a result of the technology
  • 200,000 attended the event, with approximately 2,000 in the pop-up store each day.
The solution is only the start of Hurley and Nike SB’s integrated digital brand experiences. Watch this space…