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Hoyts AU & NZ Online

As one of the most heavily trafficked transactional sites in Australia, it’s imperative that market-leader Hoyts constantly refine its digital assets to provide faster ticket sales and a better experience for its customers.

As Hoyts’ Agency of Record, IE’s challenge was to not only improve the performance of Hoyts’ existing digital assets – and – but expand upon these to increase online ticket sales by 100 per cent in 12 months.


IE approached the challenge holistically, thinking about ways to increase acquisition, engagement, conversion and retention by improving website performance and leveraging the brand in the digital space.

The Journey

The first step was the implementation of a loyalty program, Hoyts Rewards. Launched in March 2010, its web interface allows users to earn and redeem points for repeat visitation, rate and review movies, and organise movie events through Facebook.

Following this were optimisations to the technical performance and accessibility of the website, specifically session and seat selection. Redevelopment of these legacy functions using an API allowed for much improved speed and stability in these core areas of the site.

Next on the list – the development of a new mobile site with a simplified ticket purchase process, providing a quick and hassle-free way to buy movie tickets on the go. The new mobile site ( and launched in September 2010.

In November 2010, IE also launched the new-look Hoyts Gift Store in Australia and New Zealand. With a slick new design, improved interface and user-friendly admin system, the Gift Store was an instant hit with Hoyts staff and customers, and clocked up impressive sales in its first day.

IE also recommended enhancements to the website conversion funnel to improve the user flow and remove existing hurdles in the process. This work is currently in production, and uses Google Analytics data to target the areas of the funnel that will allow for maximum increase on ticket sales.


Hoyts Rewards has received an enormous response, with the program meeting its annual membership target within the first six months.

Optimisations to the website’s technical stability have seen a significant improvement in the speed of ticket selection, with 8 seconds shaved off the session selection process time.

The mobile site is also performing very well since its launch, and further enhancements to Hoyts’ mobile strategy are planned for the coming months.