IE | Case study | Australia Post - In store 'LaunchPad' application
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Australia Post – In-store ‘LaunchPad’ application

Australia Post has been delivering for the community, its customers and its people for more than 200 years. But how they deliver, the way they deliver and the things they deliver will continue to evolve. This is particularly true for the Post Office network. The digital economy is transforming the world and customers’ needs are changing with it, faster than ever before.

To help ensure its Post Office network continues to remain relevant and sustainable into the future, Australia Post has been investing in new technologies to digitise the Post Office and equip its retail staff with the tools and capabilities to help their customers embrace an eCommerce future.

As part of its digital transformation, Australia Post engaged IE Digital to develop the first in-store ‘LaunchPad’ application.



The application, created in collaboration between Australia Post developers and the IE team, focused on improving the interactions between its retail employees and their customers.

This project concept arose directly from internal discussions with Australia Post staff, who expressed the desire to respond more efficiently to customers’ requests.

To be successful, the application needed to focus on the following:

  • Be easy to use for all demographics of Australia Post staff working in-store
  • Provide tools to improve the in-store experience for customers and staff alike
  • Better connect in-store staff to employees in Australia Post’s head and state offices.

IE was engaged to create the interaction design, the visual design and the development of the application.



In only three sprints, the team delivered the first release of the application to over 700 corporate Post Offices and Business Hubs. The initial feedback from staff and customers was very positive.

IE’s Delivery Sprints included concepts, design and development in each iteration, which produced a deployable solution at the end of every 2 week segment.

By working closely with the Australia Post team during these fast-paced sprints, the team quickly developed a prototype to put forward for customer testing.

By following this process, IE was able to develop a user-friendly, accessible and visually appealing application for Australia Post. The application is built within a framework to build business efficiencies, and so the team can easily update and manage content remotely.

Through the LaunchPad app, Australia Post retail employees can now use native applications like Google Maps, seek information with government websites in regards to Australian passports and working with children checks, and directly lodge customer inquiries and service requests.

Another feature that will improve the customer experience is the Parcel Tracking service, with staff in-store being able to access detailed information on the location of a customer’s parcel for the first time.

The success of the project was down to understanding the needs Australia Post had, and how the IE team could create an efficient and human-centered application that helped to create a more seamless customer experience in-store.

IE’s CEO, Rhys Hayes credits the team members and the agile process for the success of the project. “Taking a digital project like this from concept to live deployment in 6 weeks requires collaboration and trust. It’s great to see Australia’s biggest corporates taking agile seriously and achieving results.”


‘I cannot stress enough how successful this is being seen internally, and so much of that can be directly attributed to IE Digital. I’m constantly getting over-positive feedback about how fantastic the user interface is, how great it looks and how easy it is to use.’

Ben Llewellyn, Business Principle at Australia Post