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IE Digital Graduate
Developers Program

Apply now for 2018 Melbourne admission!


Program details

We are seeking graduates for the 2018 IE Digital Graduate Developers Program!

The structure of the IE Digital Graduate Developers Program is built on 3, 4 month rotations through different skill focusses based on the 70, 20, 10 model of learning.

Work is done on real projects, a technical lead will do solution design with the graduate before they start a task to help plan and direct (if required) what needs to be done and how to approach it.

The graduate completes the work and gets all code reviewed by the rest of the team for feedback. Conversely, the graduate also gets to review other team members code and provide feedback.

Note the program is located in Melbourne, Australia.

70, 20, 10 learning with IE

10% directed learning with a technical lead
10% of a graduates time will be allocated to working directly with a technical lead. This takes on a range of forms including:

  • Weekly one on ones as a platform for broader discussions about training goals and other mentoring requirements
  • Solution design and code review outcomes
  • General help and advice

20% self-directed learning projects
Each graduate is responsible for completing a self-directed learning project in each 4 month period. The projects will undergo periodic showcase and code review with the technical leads. The goal of this is to allow graduates to explore different areas of interest and learn new skills in an environment where it is okay to fail.

70% project work
The majority of time will be spent working in a cross-functional agile team on client project work. With oversight from their technical lead, graduates will learn by doing – working on some of the biggest brands in Australia.



At IE our goal is to assess all applicants based on their individual merit by being as objective as possible in the evaluation process. We do this through a carefully considered process including a range of interviews and technical challenges.

We evaluate candidates for their potential and cultural fit against our five key values that drive both individual and business success at IE.

Below is an outline of each of the values.

Screen Shot 2017-06-08 at 2.18.17 pm
To be eligible to apply for the IE Digital Graduate Developers Program, you must:

  • have completed your undergraduate or postgraduate Computer Science degree in the last 3 years, or by December 31 2017.
  • or completed a 3 month intensive coding bootcamp – eg. GA, Coder Factory
  • have an Australian citizenship or permanent residency at the time you apply

Deadlines, process and contacts


  • Applications now open
  • Applications close date extended – 20th August

Application Process

  • Submit online application
  • Complete coding challenge
  • Phone interview ~ 30 minutes
  • Technical interview ~ 1 hour
  • Culture-fit interview ~ 1 hour


Should you have any more questions please reach out at


Want to be considered for the program?