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The human is always right

Our team of multi-skilled makers use the balance of 90% best practice and 10% innovation to forge new territory in the digital landscape.

Approach: IE Thinking

We cut our teeth helping brands do better at the checkout by putting customers at the heart of every decision. IE Thinking is a relentlessly customer focused, human-centred design approach to innovation. Business goals are attuned to what people want from life and the blue-sky potential of technology. Potent insights are born from authentic behaviour and conversations that occur in natural contexts. IE Thinking ensures our digital solutions resonate more profoundly with people. Why? Because it’s easy to like brands that validate our feelings and humanity.

We blend innovative ideas with technology to reimagine experiences through a customer-first lens.

Our Values

We want to fill each working day with meaning for our customers, teams and ourselves. These four values underpin everything we do, every day.


We believe in better. That means finding new ways of delivering outcomes which represent genuine ‘excellence’ in any given field or discipline.


We’re genuine in our approach and practice. We see humanity and integrity as the foundations upon which strong, trusting relationships are built.


In both method and mindset, IE is agile to the core. We demonstrate it in the way we work, and how we embrace change to remain fluid in the bustling digital world.


Each of us is creative in our own way. We value imagination and inspiration. We believe our individual perspectives fuel extraordinary collective output.

We apply these values to our own organisation and to the work we do every day for our clients


Managing Partners


Rhys Hayes


James Turle


Dean Flynn

Leadership Team


Caroline Parisy


Murray Robinson


David Cox


Nathan Smale